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How Will Our Products Benefit You?


How Will Our Products Benefit You?


How Will Our Products Benefit You?


How Will Our Products Benefit You?

Enhances Appearance

Give your vehicle a cool, clean look or enhance the atmosphere in your office with decorative film.

Increase Comfort

Create a cooler, more comfortable environment inside your vehicle, home, or place of business.

Helps Reduce Glare

Stop that annoying glare in its track. Glare can be a nuisance and even dangerous while driving, Whether it be from the sun, headlights, or a reflection, our film will help reduce the glare.

No Dye = No Fading To Purple

Our film utilizes nanoparticles of carbon-ceramic and additional oxide material, and no dye to create a superior, color-stable film that will never fade to purple.

IR Heat Rejection

Halt the discomfort and skin irritation by rejecting the infrared radiation that is transmitted into your vehicle.

Safety & Security

Deter burglars and protect yourself against mother nature. Window film can protect you and your belongings.

Protect Yourself From Harmful Radiation

Our window film offers maximum protection against infrared radiation (IR) heat and ultraviolet radiation (UV) UV blocking out up to 98% (IR) and 99% UVA and UVB radiation that makes it way through your windows. Unwanted radiation heat causes that discomfort you feel on your skin while you driving, reducing the heat increases the efficiency of your climate control system as well as protecting your skin and interior of the vehicle from UV exposure and fading.

Matches Most Factory Tint

Get the appearance you are looking for. our tint matches most factory tint and has a beautiful charcoal finish.

Reduces Energy Consumption

Save on your energy bill! Your vehicle, home, or office doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the temperature inside saving you money.

We Got You Covered

We stand behind our work as well as the products we use. All of our products are backed by a limited warranty. This protects you against fading, peeling, bubbling, and even turning purple. You can drive with peace of mind knowing that we back our service and products.


  • Carbon Window Tint - 1 Year Warranty
  • Intermediate Ceramic Window Tint - 2 Year Warranty
  • Premium Ceramic Window Tint - 3 Year Warranty

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We pride ourselves on the professional work we provide to our community. Whether we install window tint on your car, truck, SUV, boat, house or office, we will use our years of expertise to give you a perfect install every time. That’s our guarantee!

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About Us

Cayman Window Tinting was created out of a passion for all things vehicles. We observed an overwhelming amount of vehicles cruising the road that had window tint that was bubbling, turning purple or was just poorly installed. We vowed to do better and give our community a professional quality install with a high quality product that we truly believe in.