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We realize that your vehicle is an investment that’s important to you That’s why we take great care when installing window film on your vehicle. Our team of professional installers computer cuts the patterns for precision and speed. Not only does this get you back out on the road faster but it ensures the pattern fits your window accurately.


Professionally installed window tint for your car, truck, SUV, or recreational vehicle.


Professionally installed window tint for your fishing boat, yacht, ferry, and more.


Professionally installed window tint for your home, condo, or townhouse.


Professionally installed window tint for your office or retail space.

Automotive Window Tint

Window film or window tint consists of layers of polyester. Multiple layers, less than a millimeter thick, are layered together along with a scratch-resistant coating for increased performance and added benefits. The product adheres to the glass with a final layer of adhesive. Window film can be installed on vehicles, boats, houses, offices, and more. The applications for window film are endless!

Enhances Appearance

Whether it’s giving your vehicle a cool, clean look or enhancing the atmosphere in your office with decorative film, window film can really make a difference.

IR Heat Rejection

High performance window films go a step beyond offering infrared radiation rejection. Infrared radiation causes that discomfort when the sun irritates your skin.

Helps Reduce Glare

Stop that annoying glare in its track. Glare can be a nuisance and even dangerous while driving, Whether it be from the sun, headlights, or a reflection, our film will help reduce the glare.

Matches Most Factory Tint

Get the appearance you are looking for. our tint matches most factory tint and has a beautiful charcoal finish.

Increases Comfort

Reduce the energy emitted by the sun that is transmitted through the glass. The window film creates a cooler, more comfortable environment for you inside your vehicle.

No Dye = No Fading To Purple

Our film utilizes nanoparticles of carbon-ceramic and additional oxide material, and no dye to create a superior, color-stable film that will never fade to purple.

Protect Yourself From Harmful Radiation

Our window film offers maximum protection against infrared radiation (IR) heat and ultraviolet radiation (UV) UV blocking out up to 98% (IR) and 99% UVA and UVB radiation that makes it way through your windows. Unwanted radiation heat causes that discomfort you feel on your skin while you driving, reducing the heat increases the efficiency of your climate control system as well as protecting your skin and interior of the vehicle from UV exposure and fading.

Marine Window Tint

Owning a boat can be a great source of pleasure, offering fun in the sun, relaxation and adventure, but it’s not something that comes without responsibilities. Maintenance and regular detailing is critical to prolonging the life of any boat or yacht and, by taking extra measures, you can help ensure that your enjoyment on the water is always maximized. One modification that is sometimes overlooked but highly beneficial is window tinting. Not just for cars, trucks and SUVs, window tint can transform, cool and protect your floating investment.

If your vessel isn’t tinted, consider the following benefits of having professional take care of the windows in your boat or yacht.

Privacy & Protection, Even When Away

Ensuring privacy and security of your vessel when docked or in storage is important to its longevity. With window tint, your boat and the valuables inside are kept private and the condition of the fixtures and furniture within the cabin stay protected from sun damage. Depending on application, a Cayman window tinting professional can install upgraded tinting that serves as severe weather protection to help prevent damages from wind-born debris.

Block UV Rays, Prolong The Fun

A day on the boat should be just that – an entire day – but without protection, hours spent in the sun can prove harmful. When on the water, having the option to take a brief break and cool off is pivotal and, with window tint, you get that option. Cayman window tinting marine tinting drastically cuts down UV radiation – up to 99 percent – and helps reduce the sun’s harmful cancer-causing UV-A and UV-B rays. By having your boat’s windows tinted, you create a “break zone” to get out of the sun for a moment, allowing you to prolong your day on the water.

Comfort Inside, Sun Outside

While a boat brings fun and adventure, having the ability to take a break from the heat and cool off in the cabin is a true luxury. However, if the inside of your boat is just as warm as the deck, you’re likely to have to cut your day on the water short. With quality window film you can reduce the heat of your boat’s cabin by up to 50 percent while increasing air conditioning efficiency and improving overall comfort.

Reduce Glare, Improve Safety

Regardless of your boat’s setup, sun glare can be uncomfortable and dangerous – especially for your captain. By having a professionals install window tinting, your boat’s windshield will block glare to lessen eye fatigue and improve visibility, even when the sun shines brightest, helping you always remain in control of your vessel. Glare reduction also benefits your passengers who may choose to enter the cabin to take a break from the sun.

Having your boat or yacht tinted is not just for style and comfort, it adds extra value to your vessel, too. While it’s a wise decision, marine window tint installation isn’t as cut-and-dry as one might think, and in order to get the ultimate benefits, it’s highly recommended to have a window tinting professional work on your boat. If you’re looking to get the most out of your vessel, Contact the pros at cayman window tinting today.

We Got You Covered

We stand behind our work as well as the products we use. All of our products are backed by a limited warranty. This protects you against fading, peeling, bubbling, and even turning purple. You can drive with peace of mind knowing that we back our service and products.


  • Carbon Window Tint - 1 Year Warranty
  • Intermediate Ceramic Window Tint - 2 Year Warranty
  • Premium Ceramic Window Tint - 3 Year Warranty

Commercial Window Tint

Having commercial window film installed may not be a top priority for your business in the cayman islands, but it should be! Commercial window film offers many financial and aesthetic benefits; saving money while improving the look and feel of your business. At Cayman window tinting we’ve tinted many local business windows that you can see for yourself. Below are some benefits of commercial window tinting.

Glare Reduction

A quality commercial window tint prevents your staff and customers from squinting through the summer’s powerful sunlight. With window film installed, it will be easier for everyone to see. Window tint will create a more comfortable environment and prevent unnecessary eye strain. It will also help reduce the glare on computer screens, which helps with increased productivity.


One of the best measures commercial owners can take to protect their business and their staff is with window tint. Window tinting not only adds an extra measure of protection by strengthening the window, but it also makes it a lot more difficult for potential burglars to see what is inside. Usually, if they cannot see what is inside, it’s not worth it to them to break-in.

UV Protection

In addition to protecting from potential thefts, window tint can protect you, your customers, and your staff from the sun’s harmful rays. UV rays can travel through car, home, and business windows where it adds to the daily accumulation of sun exposure leading to potential skin cancer risks and premature aging. The recommends window tint as part of a comprehensive skin program for cars, homes, and businesses. Not only can window tint save lives and protect your skin, but it also protects your furniture, flooring, and window treatments from fading and sun damage. Excessive sun exposure is also very destructive to expensive electric office equipment such as computers and monitors.

Lower Energy Usage

Because the sun is so hot in the Cayman Islands during the summer months, air conditioning units are working overtime to keep us comfortable. By using a superior window film and a quality installation from Cayman window tinting you can give that AC unit a break and reduce your energy costs.

Elevate Appearance

A fresh tint will have a huge impact on your business. Not only does a new installation make any building look sleek and crisp, it will give your building a clean and professional image. Inside the office, the white frosting will provide privacy and style. Attractive and functional, decorative window film is an excellent way to convey the personality of your business while at the same time solving tricky design challenges. With many different choices and styles available, frosted window film is a good way to brand your space and make it feel more like home.

Are you ready to invest in commercial window tint and elevate your commercial business? Contact us at Cayman window tinting for quality products, and professional installations. We are here to please!

Residential Window Tint

Did you know? residential window tinting is one of the most affordable ways to reduce energy cost, add extra value to your property by the benefit of window tinting; reduction of energy cost, enhancing the beauty of your property, creating great privacy, security, and comfort. Below are some benefits.

Heat/Glare Reduction

Residential window tinting allows you to stay relaxed and free of worries on a hot sunny day. With tinted windows, you can take off the shades, blinds, and draperies, and let the natural light soothe the interiors of your home. Tinted windows can block the glare up to 90% and makes it comfortable for you to watch TV and work on the computer. The window films crafted for tinting purposes are made of distortion-free and ultra-clear substances for better texture.

Reduction of harmful ultraviolet rays

Your expensive home decors, fabrics, artwork, and furnishings can fade and deteriorate due to harmful UV rays. However, Residential window tinting can block approximately 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays.  This not only protects you and your family from the harmful effects of the sun but saves your expensive interiors from damage.

Reduces Your Home Energy Cost

Your home cooling utilities in summers add on to the cost of electricity usage. Residential window tinting can improve energy efficiency by saving up to 40% cooling and costs. Window tinting reduces a great amount of external heat from entering the house in summers. 

Protect Your Family & Property

The addition of a pencil-thin, nearly invisible film on your glass windows can save you from many real-time hazards. In situations like storms, accidents, earthquakes, and break-ins, glass windows are very dangerous. You can protect your family and your property by installing window films. Residential window tinting can act as a barrier to disasters and hold the glass windows in place, in unexpected situations.

Let us help reduce color loss and material breakdown of your expensive furniture, arts, photos, flooring, rugs, and window treatment from sun exposure. Don’t keep your curtains closed to protect your belongings! fill your rooms with light and enjoy your view with residential window tinting.

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